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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Back-To-School Link-Up {Day 6}: Lisa & Ashley's Back-To-School Dose Of Reality Style! {Post Highlights}

Today is the sixth day of my back-to-school link-up.  Have you gotten a chance to check out all the posts that have been shared and/or linked up yet?  If not, you should!  Remember, at the end of this link-up, I will be highlighting some of my favorites from posts YOU have linked up!  You don't want to miss out! :)

Here is what has been shared so far:
  1. Stacey's Turkey, Cheese and Salsa Wraps (Fish, Egg and Nut-Free, Can Be Milk, Soy and Wheat-Free)
  2. Christy's "Additive-Free" Lunch Box Ideas for Kids
  3. Cindy's Back-To-School Tip: Medical Alert Wristbands
  4. Jennifer's Tips On How To Keep Your Child With Allergies/Asthma Safe At School
  5. Jo's Tips On Bringing Treats To School From A Teacher's Perspective
Today I am highlighting 3 different posts (with permission) from one of my favorite places on the web, The Dose of Reality!

Image courtesy of The Dose Of Reality

If you don't know about that blog, you are totally missing out!  Lisa and Ashley are amazing ladies with huge hearts and a fantastic sense of humor.  They will make you laugh, they will make you cry and they will always tell it like it is!

The posts I chose to highlight today are some "just for fun" posts that pertain to back-to-school.  I thought, as we are in the middle of this link-up, that we could use some humor and some "I *totally* have been there!" type posts from the queens of such!  You all are in for a treat, I promise! (Note: Comments will be closed on this post so that you can go over to those posts and comment there.)


In their post, Volunteeritis: What Is It? And How Do You Cure It?, the Dose Girls talk about (over) volunteering and sharing one of their personal stories about how a "runs itself" project turned into anything but!  Here is just a snippet of the post:

"I have a feeling that you, like me, will soon find yourself at one or two upcoming Parents’ Nights, a scattering of PTA meetings, or a few Back-to-School events where you will be conveniently placed at some point in front of a table loaded with various sheets labeled “Parent Volunteer Requests”.
Some of these requests will be simple like, “Who can bring plastic-ware for the fall class party?” Some will be a little more involved like, “Who will be the class photographer for the holiday party?” And then there will be a few seemingly harmless requests in there that will *appear* doable (because this is how they will be presented to you) when in actuality they could wind up sucking the life out of you and additionally could have your husband and children considering whether or not you are really of vital importance to the family. [Don't worry, you are. Dance leotards don't wash themselves. -Lisa]
I am here today to offer a cautionary tale to help you steer clear of “volunteering” your life away, or at the very least, to let you know that you are not alone if you are already entrenched in one of these “doable” parent volunteering tasks."
You know you wanna read more!  You can do so here:


Next up, Lisa and Ashey pose this thought provoking question: Would You Rather: Have To Homeschool Your Children Or Send Them To Boarding School?  For some of you this may be a no-brainer, but for others, it is a question that requires lots and lots of thought!  Here is the exact scenario that was posed:
"But, let’s imagine this scenario for a moment. Let’s pretend that your children come to high school and you MUST either homeschool them or send them to boarding school.
Obviously, homeschooling comes with its own set of challenges, but so does boarding school.
After all, boarding school is not free. And is far away from home, so your teen would suddenly have a lot more freedom. Probably the kind of freedom you were hoping to avoid until college."
Which would you choose?
Hop over to their post to see what they chose, what other chose and to share what you'd choose and why, if you're so inclined.


And, last but not least, Carpooling: You Are Doing It Wrong, is a post after my own heart where Lisa talks candidly about the horror that can be the carpool lane.  Can you all relate to something like this?
"My very favorite carpool sin to witness, though, is so universal that I have seen it done by mothers, fathers and even some random grandparents. These people will arrive after many cars are already in line and will honestly go to the front of the carpool line and then back their car in–right in front of whomever is already there–as if they were the first ones to show up. I know, right? Because anyone in line can see what they did, even me, even if I have taken off my prescription strength sunglasses to read a magazine put in a new DVD for Abby. It is straight up crazytown, I am telling you."
Oh, yah.  Not so fun or pretty!  To read more, go to the original post here:

(Don't forget to leave some comment love for Lisa and Ashley on their posts, too!)

 You can connect with Lisa and Ashley at the following locations:
Image courtesy of The Dose Of Reality's Facebook page
The Dose Of Reality


Thanks for allowing me to highlight your posts today, Lisa and Ashley! 

Here is your badge if you'd like to use it:

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