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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Monthly Milestones 2017 {9}

Today is the ninth Monthly Milestones of 2017.  If you want to share a milestone post, just leave a comment below with a link to your milestone post, and I'll pop over and visit it and leave a comment, and hopefully some of my other readers will, too. :)  Normally, Monthly Milestones, where I will be giving you updates on how I am doing physically, mentally, etc., will go live on the first Saturday of every month, though sometimes I may be a day early or late depending on circumstances.

Here is how I am doing as of today:

1. My weight is down another 1 lbs.!  I am so thrilled that my weight keeps going down, and so is my doctor.  I was hoping that my weight would be below 200 for this post, but I didn't quite make it.  Actually, I did dip below 200 for just a day, but it didn't stay there.  Hopefully next month I will make it to that first big goal.
2. I try to get out and walk daily as the weather allows.  I wish I could say I get to get out and walk every day, but I do get out most days.  I am hoping that the weather stays nice for awhile yet so that I can continue to get out and walk for long spurts.  Right now, I am planning on taking multiple shorter walks when it is too cold to take a longer one.  We'll see what happens.  I may take to walking up and down our inside stairs on rainy days if nothing else.  Hopefully I'll be able to figure out some form of consistent exercise when the weather switches over to more nasty.  For now, I'll just enjoy the beginnings of autumn and walk outdoors as I can. :)

3. I have increased my water intake.  I increased my water intake from 9 (8 oz.) cups of water a day to 12.  I originally started this when I tried going off of my water pill for awhile to see if I could stay off of that pill (I will explain more below), and decided to continue it even though I had to go back on the water pill.  I find that I feel better if I'm hydrated enough, and it does help keep me from overeating.  I will probably increase my amount again in a few months when my body adjusts to the new amount.  We'll see.  

4. I am still dealing with some health/physical issues, and we could use your prayers for some other issues as well.  As I mentioned above, I tried to go off of my water pill for awhile, hoping it would help with my petechiae issue.  I thought it was helping for a few days, but then the petechiae came back with a vengeance.  So far, I have not been able to pinpoint a cause for it, so I'll have to wait until December when I see the dermatologist to see if she has any answers/ideas (I may call them next week, though, to see if I can get in sooner).  If it clears up on its own, that would be great, too.  All we know for sure is that we have no idea what has caused it, and (so far) it appears to be harmless.

I did not end up needing to have a diagnostic mammogram, and the regular one was "normal".  That has been a big relief!  I just have to keep an eye out for any new spots, and keep record of any changes.  Hopefully things will stay stable and I won't need a diagnostic mammogram any time soon. :)

My husband and I have been able to get back in to the chiropractor.  They are having issues with the kids' insurance, so the kids aren't able to go back yet.  Hopefully that will change soon.  We are not sure how much longer we will be able to afford going to the chiropractor, but at least we have been able to go for now.  It has been very nice to get our spines back in alignment!

Please be in prayer for our family.  We have a few huge unspokens that I don't want to share the details of online.  Just know that we covet your prayers right now.  Thank you!
Also, please pray as we get ready to start school up next week (wow - where did summer go?!?!?).  All 3 kiddos will be homeschooled this year, and that will definitely be very interesting!  I appreciate the prayers!

5. I want to update the blogs soon, but life keeps getting in the way!  I keep trying to get some recipes ready to post on Natural and Free, but I have yet to find the time.  Ironically, I think I'll be able to get a bit more done once school gets into full swing and I have a schedule back.  We'll see if I can get those posts up.  I have so many recipes written down, but I just need the time to type them out and such.  Here's hoping I will have those things started in the coming weeks.

That's about it for now.  How are you doing?  Are you reaching your goals?  Have you tried something new?  Come up with a new recipe?  I hope all is going well with you, and I hope you will leave a comment sharing your thoughts and/or milestones (with a link to your post, if you wish).  As always, I wish you the best of luck in all you do, and hope you will return soon! :)

(This post was originally posted on my original site, Fibro, Fit and Fab!)