At the time of publication, all recipes were free of the allergens listed as being free of in the title (i.e. soy-free, milk-free, etc.), and all other information shared was accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Though I strive to update outdated information quickly and work diligently to make sure you have the most accurate information possible at all times, it is your duty to double check labels EVERY TIME to ensure that the ingredients you use are SAFE FOR YOU.
Your doctor or allergist should also be your first go-to for information on how to handle your medical needs. That being said, if you DO notice an error, please send me an email letting me know (tell me what page or recipe the error is on, what the error is, etc.), and I will correct the error ASAP.
Thank you so much!

Please Be Advised:
I make sure all of my recipes use foods that are free of the allergens they say they are free of. You will need to do the same. For help with this, please see the appropriate "Alternative Names" page for the allergen(s) you need the recipe free of.

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Alternative Names for Peanuts and Helpful Links


This content was accurate at the time of posting, but it is possible that it is outdated at the time of your viewing.  Please, do NOT let this information replace the advice of your doctor/allergist.  ALWAYS follow their instructions and recommendations over mine.  


Ingredients change often, companies change hands, and policies change.  What once was safe, can now be unsafe.  For your own health and safety, please make it a habit of ALWAYS reading the ingredients of EVERYTHING before you buy it.

Also, if you notice that I have a product listed as "safe" for your particular allergen/sensitivity needs, PLEASE let me know so that I can update my information.  I strive to keep things current, but I do miss things from time to time.  Your help in this matter is invaluable to provide the most current information to my readers.  

Thank you so much!

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As with all food allergens, check EVERY label, EVERY time, EVEN IN NON-FOODS!!  Peanuts are not generally used in non-food items, but it is always better to be safe than sorry!  Especially check items like bird seed/feeders, soaps and potting soil for peanuts.

Alternative Names for Peanuts

  1. Arachic oil 

  2. ANYTHING with Arachis in the name

  3. Artificial nuts 

  4. Beer nuts 

  5. ANYTHING with peanut in the name 
  6. Earth nuts
  7. Goober peas
  8. Goobers
  9. Ground nuts 
  10. Hypogaeic acid 

  11. Mandelonas 
  12. Mixed nuts 
  13. Monkey nuts 

  14. Nu nuts flavored nuts 

  15. Nut pieces 
  16. Nutmeat
  17. Artificial and/or Natural flavoring* 

  18. Baked goods* 

  19. Candy* 

  20. Chili* 

  21. Chocolate* 

  22. Crumb toppings*  
  23. Ethnic foods: African, Asian, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican*
  24. Fried foods* 

  25. Flavoring*  
  26. Graham cracker crust*
  27. Hydrolyzed plant protein*  
  28. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein*  
  29. Marzipan*
  30. Mole sauce*
  31. Natural flavoring*  
  32. Nougat*
  33. Lupine**
  34. Lupinus albus (seed or flour form)**

*These items may contain peanuts, and were included in this list for those who are highly sensitive and to be above board for those who need to be more cautious.

**These items may need to be avoided by peanut allergic individuals due to cross-
reactions, and were included in this list for those who are highly sensitive and to be above board for those who need to be more cautious.  

Please note that the food labeling in the USA has come a long way, and the FDA now requires that the top 8 major allergens be clearly marked.  That means that if an item is derived from milk, eggs, seafood, fish, soy, wheat, peanuts or tree nuts, it needs to say that somewhere on the label.  However, this only applies to foods produced in the USA at this time and there are some ingredients that the FDA considers "safe" for everyone - even those with food allergens.  For example, soy lecithin and soy oil are considered "safe" by the FDA, so occasionally those ingredients will fall under things like "natural flavors" or even be in the ingredients' label of an item marked "soy-free".   It is my hope that labeling laws will eventually be 100% transparent, but until then, calls to manufacturers need to be made from time to time, and you will need to read labels EVERY SINGLE TIME to make sure a food fits your allergen needs.  This information is not meant to scare or overwhelm you, but to inform you so that you can be aware.  Awareness is power, and it can help bring great change!  If you ever need help with anything in regard to your or a loved one's food allergies, please don't hesitate to email me, and I'll help you find the right resources to help you on your journey. 

Helpful Peanut-Free Links
  • For a list of broths, stocks and bouillons that are peanut-free, click here.
  • Kids With Food Allergies' Peanut Allergy page.   Kids With Food Allergies is a great resource in general with lots of helpful information.
  • Peanut Allergy page on FARE.
  • Puritan's Pride has a lot of vitamins that are peanut-free.
  • Google and Bing can be a great help in finding more alternative names for peanuts and other information about peanut allergies.  Just search "peanut allergies" or "names for peanuts" and you will get a ton of sites to look through.
  • Buiced claims to have vitamins that are non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and caffeine-free.  Basically, they say their product is top 8 free.
  • Ceela Naturals has "gluten, soy, nut, dairy, cruelty free vegan skin care".  To read my review on some of these products, go here.  
If you have any more sites or information for me to add, please feel free to email me or comment below.  Thanks! :)

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