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Monday, October 11, 2021

It's Been Awhile...

Rainbow picture I took Saturday.  I did edit the picture a little bit so you could see the colors better.  It was gorgeous!

Hello, Blog Friends!

It's been awhile.  In fact, it's been nearly a year.  Wow!  That was unintended, but I think it was needful in so many ways.

Life has been a bit insane.  I'll try to give a {relatively} quick summation of the chaos for those that are curious.

1. My health has been good for the most part.  I never saw the rheumatologist as we determined that endocrinology would be a better fit for my symptoms after all.  I have yet to get that appointment, but I am working on it.  I am hoping to get in some time next spring.  At least my meds seem to be doing a great job, so I am ok with the wait for now.

Also, for the last few months, I have been dealing with some foot pain.  I do have arthritis in my foot as well as some Baxter's neuropathy due to plantar fasciitis that I've dealt with for several years off and on, but there is also a exostosis that may end up needing to be removed.  It appears to be benign, but if it is the main source of my foot pain, then it needs to go.  I'm trying some new shoes and will be getting a new insole to try and see if that helps, and we'll go from there.

2. My son Sean's health is staying pretty stable, but he's dealing with nearly daily headaches again along with the other symptoms he has been dealing with (joint issues, fatigue, lack of focus, stomach pain, etc.).  He meets with the doctor next month for his physical, and we're hoping to have some direction then on next steps.  He may simply be going through some crazy growth spurt-related phenomenon (i.e. something hormonal but non-emergent) or it could be something more sinister.  We'll see what the doctor thinks/says.  It's been 2 years, and his symptoms are just as odd as when they began.  We appreciate your continued prayers.

3. My daughter, Elaina, is dealing with some health issues as well.  In April of 2021, after dealing with what we thought was asthma off and on since December of 2020, we took her to the ER with dizziness, trouble breathing (not asthma and not COVID), odd heart rate, chest pain, and some other symptoms.  We found out she deals with frequent PVCs (originally, 1 in 3 heartbeats was premature, now it is 1 in 4 thanks to removing all sources of caffeine from her diet and watching her sugar intake).  So far, they have classified her condition as "non-emergent", so that means we monitor her condition without any treatments and repeat tests as needed.  She is due to see her cardiologist next month, and she will also see a neurologist to follow-up on an EEG she had done to rule out seizures (she has had a few times where she kinda spaces out, so we had to check that out).  We've been told her condition could get better over time, so we hope for that.  It could also stay unchanged for the rest of her life or even get worse.  Time will tell, and we covet your prayers for her.

4. I have decided that I definitely want to use this space for mainly sharing recipes.  I will post health updates as they are relevant, but mainly I want to keep to sharing recipes.  I may share other things related to food or food allergies/intolerances, as well.  We shall see.  I also plan to revamp some pages to make them more user friendly.  We'll see how that goes. :)

I don't know how often I will post, but it may not be as frequently as some of you would like.  I have plans for a few recipe posts soon, so there's that. :)  We'll see how quickly I get to everything.  As you can tell from the paragraphs above, life got very interesting over my nearly year-long hiatus, so my time is more limited than it was by leaps and bounds.

Thank you for all the prayers and concerns for me and mine.  They mean the world!  I look forward to getting back to blogging again soon. :)