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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Back-To-School Link-Up {Day 5}: Jo's Tips On Bringing Treats To School From A Teacher's Perspective {Guest Post}

Today is the fifth day of my back-to-school link-up.  Have you gotten a chance to check out all the posts that have been shared and/or linked up yet?  If not, you should!  Here is what has been shared so far:
  1. Stacey's Turkey, Cheese and Salsa Wraps (Fish, Egg and Nut-Free, Can Be Milk, Soy and Wheat-Free)
  2. Christy's "Additive-Free" Lunch Box Ideas for Kids
  3. Cindy's Back-To-School Tip: Medical Alert Wristbands
  4. Jennifer's Tips On How To Keep Your Child With Allergies/Asthma Safe At School
And today I have a post from a teacher's perspective about treats in the classroom.  Everyone, give it up for my dear friend Jo of Jo, My Gosh!

Hi! I'm Jo, author of Jo, My Gosh!  I was so excited that Julie asked me to participate in her Back to School Link-Up! She and I have been guest post buddies in the past and we always have a ton of fun! 

Sharing treats-- whether for birthdays or for other special events-- is one of my favorite parts of being a teacher. It's a wonderful way to bond and make classroom memories. I would occasionally bring food to share with my students; sometimes they would as well.  If you'll be preparing a treat to bring in to your child's classroom this year, here are three tips to keep in mind. Your child's teacher will thank you! 

1. Contact the teacher first before you begin making plans with your child. If the teacher has a food/party policy that has already been communicated to you, make sure that you send a courtesy email or make a phone call to touch base. If your child is young, do this before you talk to your child and get them excited for the cupcake extravaganza. {Note from Julie: And doing this will let you know if there are any food allergies/medical needs or school policies to be considered in your choice, too.}

2. Remind your child that bringing in a treat is a privilege, not a right. Many times students (and sometimes parents) forget that there are nineteen other students in the classroom and only one teacher. Sometimes classroom schedules change or are interrupted by events that are out of the teacher's control. Remind them that there will be a time that they can share the treat, and that their teacher will let them know when that is. 

3. Have an accurate headcount... and stick to it! During one of my first years of teaching, I had a father ask if he could bring treats in for the class for his daughter's birthday. I gave the birthday girl the classroom headcount--15 students. On the day of her birthday, she and two of her friends walked into class with 48 cupcakes and 60 ice cream sandwiches. Yes, you read that correctly: 48 cupcakes and 60 ice cream sandwiches. And only 15 students. Not only was it an insane amount of food for 15 kids, but it created a major problem: What do we do with so many extras? How do we split it up fairly? How do I make sure that no one goes into a sugar coma? Help your child's teacher out-- make sure there are enough treats for every student, maybe pack a few extra for the inevitable dropped cupcake, but please, please don't send over an extra dump truck of treats.

 You can connect with Jo at the following locations:

Jo, My Gosh!


Thanks for agreeing to be my guest today, Jo! 

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(This post was originally posted on my original site, Natural and Free.)


  1. Thanks for having me, Julie! :-) It is always fun to share posts with you!

  2. Love getting to see Jo here today! Great post! :)-Ashley

    1. Thanks, Ashley! Us SITS Girls have to hang together! :-)


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