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Monday, February 24, 2020

Weekly Weigh In 2020: Week 8, February 24, 2020

Weekly Weigh In will go live every Monday, and it will share how I'm doing health-wise, and it will give me more accountability with my health.

Here is my eighth weigh in of 2020:

1. The Selfie: The selfie is me as of today, February 24, 2020.  

2. Weight: My weight went up 2 lbs.  I have definitely been on a roller coaster with my weight.  I am making some changes that I think will help with that, though, that I will discuss later.  Hopefully, I will have a weight loss to report next week!

3. Health News: I averaged 6,600 steps per day last week.  I am hoping to get at least my 6,000 steps per day average this week, but that depends on if the weather cooperates or not, so we'll see!  I'll at least do the best I can.

I've decided to shelve the toning and strengthening exercises for now.  I have not been able to find a way to fit them in just yet that works for me.  I am hoping to add them in some time in the future, but just not right now.  Right now, I'm going to focus on getting some form of daily exercise in.

Migraines and insomnia are still hanging around, but my restless legs have gotten better.  I have also dealt with more stomach issues with a fever for a few days over the weekend.  I think it has mainly passed, so hopefully I'll have wellness to report next week.

4. Diet News:  Due to the stomach and fever issues, I've had to eat more carb based, which lead to bloating.  As I am finally feeling a bit better, I'm hoping to get back to more protein based.  I have also decided that I need to re-think my ideas on food.  I have gotten in the bad habit of being more calorie conscious than quality conscious, and that is not helping me.  I know from past experience that counting calories does not work, but eating more natural and less processed does, so I'm going to work harder at getting back to that.  I think this should help me a lot in future.  Wish me luck!

5. Other News: Please continue to pray for my middle kid.  For nearly 5 months now, he has been dealing with an unknown health issue.  He has basically made no real changes, and he has good (and I don't mean symptom-free, just more mild symptoms) days and bad days.  If you'd like a current update/rundown on his condition, you can click here.

As to our week, it is going to be your basic school week - nothing too major planned, and I'm glad.  I've got to start graduation prep (ordering things, figuring out invites, etc.) soon, so I'll be enjoying this lull of sorts. :)

How are you doing?  Do you have anything you want to weigh in with?  Any health progress or goals you want to share?  If so, please leave a comment below (with a link to your post, if you have one and wish to leave it), and I'll respond ASAP.

Have a great week!

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