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Monday, January 13, 2020

Weekly Weigh In 2020: Week 2, January 13, 2020

Weekly Weigh In will go live every Monday, and it will share how I'm doing health-wise, and it will give me more accountability with my health.

Here is my second weigh in of 2020:

1. The Selfie: The selfie is me as of today, January 13, 2020.  

2. Weight: My weight went down a pound, and I'm thrilled!  Slow progress, but still progress. :)  Here's hoping to stay on the same path this week, too!

3. Health News: I was able to average just over 7,000 steps per day last week.  I am hoping to at least get my 6,000 steps per day average this week.  We shall see!

I did pretty well with my toning/strengthening routine this last week, though I did miss a few days due to health stuff.  I am hoping to get all the work-outs in this week.

My insomnia kicked in mildly for a few days and, with that and a nasty weather system that rolled through the region, I ended up with two days worth of migraine, though the first day was not as bad as the second.  I think the migraine has left me for now, so I'm happy for that.

I have also been dealing with what I think is plantar fasciitis.  It kept me off my feet for a full day, but it is definitely improved with rest and stretching.  Hopefully, it will leave me fully soon.  We shall see!

Other than those things, I feel like I'm doing ok.  I was running a bit of a fever yesterday, but I think it was linked to the migraine (I know that may sound odd, but my body tends to run fevers when it is fighting off anything, including bad headaches) vs. any sort of actually illness.  I'm feeling pretty good today, and I'll take it. :)

4. Diet News:  I feel like I did ok in the eating better department.  I stuck to my intermittent fasting better, and ate better for the most part.  I'm trying to eat less processed, and will continue with that this week, so wish me luck!  It's a lot more meal prep for me, so that can feel daunting some days.  We always all feel better when we eat less processed, though, so it's worth it!

I also figured out that drinking herbal tea (especially something with peppermint and/or chamomile in it) before bed does actually help me sleep more soundly, so I will probably be adding that into my nightly routine.

5. Other News: Please continue to pray for my middle kid.  For nearly 3 1/2 months now, he has been dealing with an unknown health issue (he's had a host of symptoms from headaches to swollen lymph nodes to fatigue/lack of stamina to upper abdomen pain and more).  

I spoke with his doctor last week and today, and we have some next steps in the works.  All of the autoimmune tests were "negative", so he will not be seeing an endocrinologist.  He will, however, be having more labs, including an urinalysis, within the next few weeks (whenever I can get him in, so he may even have that done today).  Depending on those results, he may see a pediatric rheumatologist (which would be about a 3 hour drive one way for us).  He is also going to be having a neck CT to check on the lymph nodes that feel to be about a centimeter in size by my estimation and have been palpable pretty much from week 1 or so.  Please pray for accurate results and wisdom regarding next steps.  Thanks so much!

To give you a current update/rundown on his condition, his headaches and belly pain are normally not present now, but he will have days were those spike up in pain without a known cause, and the headache portion of that is almost daily again.  Thankfully, the headaches are normally responsive to Advil and normally last an hour or less vs. all day like before.  He is also having some center and/or right lower chest pain/tightness at times like he did before the Pepcid.  We are starting to suspect the Vitamin D and Pepcid may no longer be helping like they were.  He is also dealing with a raised type of rash that doesn't itch (it looks a lot like the Keratosis pilaris he has had since he was very young, so we're not sure if that is just flared up or if this is something new related to what is going on with his health now).  He also deals with knee and back pain at times, as well as 99 range temperatures with or without chills.  He has also dealt with 2 or 3 cold/sinus-type issues in the last 3 months, and he is normally my healthy kid who is sick maybe twice a year if that.  The sore and bleeding gums that he was dealing with seem to be gone for now, so we're hopeful it was related to overzealous hygiene practices. :)  All of these things coupled with his fatigue/easily wearing out, the lack of appetite and focus, palpable and painless lymph nodes, and mainly "normal" labs make for a really frustrating situation for us and the doctor.  It's hard to know what direction to go in.  Please continue to pray for wisdom for all of us.  Thank you!

As to our week, nothing too crazy planned, so it should be a "normal" week mainly.  I still haven't finalized my blog schedule for this year yet, but have done a little research on new recipes I want to try.  I am still thinking on those new ideas for the blog (not necessarily features, but just some new post types here and there), but I'm not sure I'll get to implement them.  It really all depends on how things go with our son's health, school, etc.  We shall see!  

How are you doing?  Do you have anything you want to weigh in with?  Any health progress or goals you want to share?  If so, please leave a comment below (with a link to your post, if you have one and wish to leave it), and I'll respond ASAP.

Have a great week!

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