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Thursday, March 16, 2017

{Product Review} Ceela Naturals Review Day 4: Touch (Non-GMO, Top 8 Free, Corn-Free, Vegan and Cruelty-Free)

I was recently contacted by Ceela Naturals about doing some product reviews for them*, and decided to do so.  As you can see, I received a LOT of products to review, so this review will last for 4 days (today is the last day)!  This is my first ever non-food review, too, and I am so glad I did it!  These products are non-GMO, top 8 free, corn-free, vegan and cruelty-free, and I am more than a little excited to share them with you!

The links to the other days will be added here as they go live:
-Day 1: Resolve & Renew and MagiCalm
-Day 2: Clean S and Just 3 Plus
-Day 3: Clean, Tone, Eye Care and Hydrate
-Today, Day 4: Touch

I didn't take any before or after pictures for you because this review is for a massage oil.  However, I will show the before and after pictures of my face from using the other Ceela Naturals products so you can see the difference.

Before using Ceela Naturals
After using Ceela Naturals

I seriously hate make-up-less selfies. LOL :)

Anyway, as you can see, my skin looks smoother and softer, and there is definitely more of a glow to my skin.  I was very impressed with the difference, especially after just one use of each product!  Amazing!

(Note: I know there is more pink in my skin in the second picture.  This was due to the shower I took before I reviewed the last group of products.  The heat from the shower reddened my skin, not the products (my skin was pink before I used the products, and the products didn't change the color of my warm skin at all).  My skin always is a bit red after a shower for up to an hour - gotta love sensitive skin! LOL :)  After my skin returned to it's pre-shower temperature, my skin was it's normal color with no irritation or redness at all - and a lot smoother!  I should've taken another picture after the redness died down from the shower, but I didn't get the chance.)

Alrighty!  Now onto my last review for Ceela Naturals, Touch!

Let's take a look at the packaging.

I liked the look.  Easy to read, easy to see what was in it and what it was free of (more information can be found online).   Ceela Naturals did a great job on labeling! 

(Note: I reviewed the sample size of 1.4 oz.  They sell a 16 oz. size.  All links will be to the full size bottle.)

Let's take a closer look at the product.

This product is a massage oil, so I know it is harder to see.  This is about one pump of it.  It was sort of running off my finger, so it's hard to see the exact amount of one pump.  

The ingredients are: Organic Sunflower, Kiwi, Black Currant and Copernicia cerifera.  That's it!  No artificial anything!  So cool!

So, what did it smell and feel like?

This product has no real smell, just like the other Ceela Naturals products.  Again, I cannot state how amazing that is!  This would be perfect for those who have issues with strong scents.

It feels light, and is not really greasy or sticky even before it is absorbed, which blew me away.  Once it absorbs, it feels very similar to lotion on your skin, and has an almost identical result to the Ceela Naturals lotions.  It leaves your skin so soft and smooth.  It really felt amazing!

What does it cost?

Touch costs $38 for a 16 oz. bottle (plus and S&H).  That size bottle is said to contain 60 to 80 massages worth of product.  That breaks down to $0.48 to $0.65 per massage!  That's a great deal, especially considering that it is non-GMO, top 8 free, corn-free, vegan and cruelty-free.  Amazing!
The verdict?

If you are looking for a massage oil that is allergen friendly, not greasy or sticky, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, this is the one for you!  It is an amazing product!

(Note: I realize that all skin types are a bit different, and your experience may not be mine.  This review is just to reflect my personal experience with this product, and my results may not be typical or identical to yours.  If you have further questions or concerns about this product, please contact Ceela Naturals.)

One final word before I close out this review.

Ceela Naturals products are out of this world!  I mean it!  Everything blew me away.  

If I had to choose my favorites, I'd say Resolve & Renew, Clean and Hydrate would be my "must haves" for facial care.  I'd have to say that Just 3 Plus would make a great lotion for my dry, winter hands (it basically healed them in one use), though, too, so that is also on top.  MagiCalm is the one product that I would highly recommend to those with easily irritated skin, though, above all else.  In some ways, it is so hard to choose, because everything was so wonderful!

They also have a body care line, and that has me more than a little curious (read that as I may just have to set aside the money to buy them and try them, these products are THAT awesome), and I have a feeling it is just as amazing as everything else they have.  

Definitely, check these products out!  You won't be sorry!!!

How Can I Find Out More?
So glad you asked! You can find out more at the following locations:

To find out even more, you can contact them directly.

A big thank you to Ceela Naturals  for letting me  review your products!

*Any and all opinions are mine without censor and reflect my personal feelings on the products and not that of the person/company who sent them to me.  Though I received the products for free, that fact did not affect my opinion on said product in anyway.*

(This post was originally posted on my original site, Natural and Free.)


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