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Monday, October 12, 2020

Weekly Weigh In 2020: Week 41, October 12, 2020


Weekly Weigh In will go live every Monday, and it will share how I'm doing health-wise, and it will give me more accountability with my health.

Here is my forty-first weigh in of 2020:

1. The Selfie: The selfie is me as of today, October 12, 2020.

2. Weight: My weight went down nearly 2 lbs. this week.  I am thrilled, and hope this trend continues.

3. Health News: I averaged just over 9,800 steps per day last week.  I am hoping to get at least my 6,000 steps per day average this week, and will do so as long as I can be out and about.  I do best when I get in a daily walk or 2, so I am going to really push to do this even if the weather isn't 100%.

I am still waiting on my rheumatologist appointment, but hope to hear something about that soon.  If the referral is denied, then I am thinking about asking to see a regular cardiologist (the one I tried to see before only dealt with cardiac issues that required invasive procedures) for now and see if they have any recommendations as I am still dealing with some minor symptoms if my diet isn't 100% correct or I've dealt with any amount of stress outside of the norm (sometimes even within the norm).  We shall see, and I'll keep you posted.

My mammogram was normal, so that's a great thing!

My insomnia and RLS are still improving.  I'm thrilled about this!

I am still having some times where I feel like I'm dealing with silent migraines or issues with my legs not wanting to work properly (I don't know how else to explain it - it's like I have to concentrate on how to walk or I walk very stiffly/oddly.), but I honestly feel like I am doing rather well overall.  

I am definitely to the point where I've mostly gotten used to these oddities, though I have days I am more bothered by them.  I will talk to my doctor about them the next time I see her (which isn't any time soon right now, but I will schedule something if things become bothersome or if the rheumatologist appointment falls through), and we'll see what she thinks.

4. Diet News:  I am doing well on this front, and I am getting more used to all the quirks surrounding my diet.  I have noticed that I must get some form of greens daily, and I do best when I have fruit in the morning (smoothies are my friends!).  Those are good things to know, for sure.

5. Other News: Please continue to pray for my middle kid.  For just over a year now, he has been dealing with an unknown health issue that has been very frustrating to pin down (we're still trying to figure out exactly what's going on).  He is starting to have more daily issues, especially when it comes to the nausea and headaches.  We are waiting for the results of the HIDA scan, and then we will make a game plan.  If you'd like more of a current update/rundown on his condition, you can click here.

As to our week, another busy week!  So far, we only have 1 doctor's appointment scheduled, but that could change - we normally have at least 2 per week as of late.  We have other things going on as well, so we definitely won't be bored!  Next week may be a little less intense, but we shall see!

How are you doing?  Do you have anything you want to weigh in with?  Any health progress or goals you want to share?  If so, please leave a comment below (with a link to your post, if you have one and wish to leave it), and I'll respond ASAP.

Have a great week!

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