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Monday, November 25, 2013

The Thanksgiving Feast and Festivities Link-Up

So, I had this idea for a link-up party, and I hope you all will enjoy it and participate.  I am going to be sharing some recipes from the archives on Natural and Free and sharing at least one Thanksgiving/Thankfulness-themed post here as time allows from now until Saturday.  It is my hope that you will link-up some of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes, posts about thankfulness or family, Thanksgiving/Autumn crafts, etc.  It is my hope that these posts can inspire you in your Thanksgiving meal endeavors and maybe just with some ideas for next year or maybe some ideas with how to spread thankfulness year round.  At any rate, you can link-up as many posts as you like, and I will be sharing my favorites the first week in December, so the more posts you submit, the more likely you are to be featured!  I hope you will join in the fun! :)

What I want to share with you today is our new Thankfulness tradition, that I plan on making a year round thing.


The above picture is of our Thankfulness Basket.  As I mentioned above, it is something that I hope we will be able to do monthly.  I think it is a great way to keep your mind on the good things, and we could all use a little more of that in our lives. :)

What I did was take some construction paper - a different color for each family member - and cut out some leaf shapes (you can find some great free patterns online - just Google "free leaf patterns" or something like that) for this month (I will use a shape that fits the season each month, i.e. candy canes or stockings for December, flowers for May).  I then labeled each leaf with the appropriate family members name and the month and year (for example, my leaf color is brown, so on the brown leaves I wrote "Mom" and "November, 2013") so that we know, when we look through them later, what time of year it was and who was thankful for what.

On the other side of the leaves, we wrote the specific date (i.e. 11-25-13) and then something we were grateful for, an answer to prayer, etc.  There is everything from "LEGOs" to "family" to "pancakes" on them (I'll let you guess who wrote what).  It has been so great to see my kids think of new things to be grateful for, and it is so good for me to think about my blessings!  I can't wait to see what else will be added to the pile! :)

The plan, for now, is to read them together at the end of each month and to add to the pile as we need/want to.  I am so glad that we have decided to do this.  It truly is a blessing to think about your blessings!


Do you do anything to help you count your blessings and help you focus on being grateful?
Do you do it only during Thanksgiving/November or all year round?
Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?


I hope to share more posts with you as time permits, and hope that you will take the time to go over to Natural and Free! and check out the recipes from the archives I've shared there as well as click on some of the posts linked up below.  I also hope that you will link-up some posts, too, and help spread the word! The more the merrier! :)

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(This post was originally posted on my original site, Fibro, Fit and Fab!)


  1. Can't wait to see this link-up as it fills up...I need some Thanksgiving inspiration this week! :)-Ashley

    1. Me, too, Ashley! Feel free to add any of your all's great posts, too! :) I think the pet highchair needs to be on here! LOL :D

  2. I love your basket of leaves! I think my kids would really enjoy it...I think I'll start one today!

    1. I hope you love it, Ginny Marie! They have been a lot of fun. :)


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