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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Doctor's Visit Yesterday

A picture I took a few years back of a beautiful autumn tree
at my parents' camp in honor of the upcoming season! :)
I went to the doctor's yesterday as a follow-up on my Fibromyalgia.  I will say it was an interesting visit.
For one, I've lost 10 lbs. since he saw me 6 weeks ago.  He was pleased with that, and so was I, of course. :)  Losing weight never hurts anything when you are overweight.  Hopefully it will continue to come off, and I think it will as long as I follow "the rules", if you get me. :)
My doctor was very surprised to hear that I was doing so well without any real meds for Fibromyalgia.  I'm not on an anti-depressant, I'm not on a daily pain med (just one as needed that I don't need unless I can't/don't avoid triggers and only if they lead to pain - they don't always)...I'm not on anything except a natural, whole foods diet (with few exceptions), light daily exercise and some vitamins/supplements.  He still wanted me to try an anti-depressant, but I told him I really didn't want to go down that path unless absolutely necessary, and he said (basically), "Well, you seem to be doing very well with what you're doing, so I guess it's not necessary."  Music to my ears. :)
I told him about the difference my diet, exercise habits, environmental changes (as much as I am capable of controlling) has made, and that I originally thought I was crazy when I noticed that weather could trigger pain or eating this or that could make me feel better or worse, etc.  I then told him that I personally knew about 4 or so people with Fibromyalgia who assured me I was NOT crazy, that those things absolutely did matter, and I even had my research online and in books and with some new online blogger buddies confirm it, too.  I was amazed at the look of astonishment on his face.  He really had no idea that Fibromyalgia was like that.  I mean, he did the research - he shared it with me - but to actually hear that diet makes a difference, that light exercise helps, that environment, etc. can affect it so easily blew his mind.
I have a cousin (by marriage) who has 3 children who all have autism that they are able to keep controlled (cured even, in a sense) by keeping them away from allergens (they all have a lot of very serious food allergies) and eating right, among other things (food is not the only thing that needed to be changed/worked on - it's taken years and lots of effort to figure it all out - but as she says, you can't begin to address the rest of the health/behavior issues until the food is taken care of).  She has been saying for years that paying attention to diet is essential for maximum health, and I know she's right, especially now.  She is an inspiration, and I encourage you to read her blog - great stuff, and very helpful.
Anyway, I realized yesterday that our medical community really doesn't know as much as they should about the effect of diet on the human populous.  How many things could we "cure" or "reverse" if we just made an effort to eat the way God intended?  Think of how many of the major diseases were practically unheard of as little as 30 years ago, and think of how our diets have changed in that amount of time.  I don't think it's coincidence.  I think we need to be more aware of what we put into our bodies, and I think if we strive to rid our bodies of the preservatives and processed food, then we can regain our lives, our health and even eliminate some diseases (like some cancers and Fibromyalgia) or at least greatly reduce them.
I am not against modern medicine...when it's needed.  I think we tend to medicate first instead of pray and seek God's wisdom, instead of seeing if changing our diet can help, instead of seeing if we have an allergies, etc.  I would rather spend a little time and effort into looking into changing my lifestyle and aiming for total wellness, than just medicate the symptoms.  Don't misunderstand me - my kids get vaccinations, but not every last one out there (there are a few we disagree with giving to our kids for our own reasons), and we all take antibiotics as needed and my husband, oldest son and I all take medications on a daily basis prescribed for medical conditions (like Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in my and my son's case) that can only be treated with medication, and we all have medications to use "when needed".  However, we strive to take as little medication as possible simply because we know that the body can get dependent or it can do more harm than good.  Because of this practice, we are able to get away with lower dosages when the meds are needed than some, and that's a good thing. 
I know there are those of you out there who are on lots of meds, and I'm sure you believe you need them, and it is likely you do - at least a good number of them - and that's ok.  I believe that medication, vaccinations, antibiotics, etc. is a personal decision to make first with God, then with your family, under the supervision and counsel of your doctor.  I don't recommend self-medicating, so always talk to a doctor about anything you want to try, including diet, vitamin/supplement and exercise changes - I believe that's the safe, right thing to do, but you're welcome to disagree if you wish.  It is also so very important to go to a doctor who will listen to you and talk with you and who makes you feel heard.  If you don't have that, then you're in a battle with them from day 1, and that's never a good thing.
Anyway, I digress. :)  I said all that to say this: God has done amazing things in my life the last couple of months, and I am so grateful, and I hope that by telling you about my journey that it can help you on yours.
I hope that you all have an amazing day.  It's nearly autumn, the leaves are changing, and I love it. :)  This is my favorite time of the year, and that alone has improved my mental state tenfold (not that it was bad to begin with) so that makes me feel even more in control over my Fibromyalgia.  God is good. :)

(This post was originally posted on my original site, Fibro, Fit and Fab!)

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