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Friday, August 31, 2012


Picture of the "werewolf moon" I took last night

I don't know if you got the chance to see the moon last night, but it was truly amazing, especially here with those amazing clouds!  My husband, who can be quite the ham, was teasing my boys that it was a "werewolf moon", which lead to an interesting discussion, as you can imagine, especially since my boys are 8 and nearly 10.  Now, we don't let our kids watch werewolf movies (not even the cheesy B movie ones, you know the ones I mean), but they have seen cartoon versions like Scooby Doo or masks at Halloween (something we don't celebrate for personal reasons), so they know what they are.  They know the "theory" behind them: During a full moon, the guy or gal, powerless to stop it, changes into a scary, wolf-like monster, howls at the moon and then chases people around trying to bite them.  Anyway, after we discussed why we did or didn't think the moon was a "werewolf moon", we preceded to make tongue-and-cheek references to werewolves the rest of the night (i.e. how my hubby looks like a werewolf (he has a beard and thick hair and bushy eyebrows), growling as if we were werewolves).  As we laughed through it all, a thought dawned on me: I was kinda like a werewolf.
Now before you go thinking I've lost it, let me explain.  My body does things that I'm powerless to stop depending on what is going on around me, what is going on in my mind, what I ate, etc.  I am a new form of creature: the Fibrowolf!  I can get nasty and snarly and sometimes I even bite (not physically, of course), and it's very hard to contain.  Fortunately for me, my silver bullets don't kill me, they just make me normal again. :)
What are my silver bullets?  Well, there are 4 types, unlike the 3 I told you there was on Wednesday.  They are food, attitude, environment and physical activity.  (Note: To read more about how these effect me, there are links on the left with more details.)
Silver Bullet 1: Food
This is one of the most powerful bullets because, until you get your diet right, the rest can be in vain.  It is kind of the make-or-break item in terms of Fibromyalgia remission, i.e. it can kill the Fibrowolf.
Silver Bullet 2: Attitude
It is important to keep your attitude under control because (if you don't, if I don't), you find yourself fighting Fibromyalgia alone, because (just like with the werewolf) everyone runs from you, not wanting to get bitten.  No one wants to be with someone who is negative and depressed all that time.  And while, yes, support is needed despite how we are acting at the time, it is whole lot easier for someone to want to be there for you (for me) if you are at least trying to curb your attitude or apologizing when you aren't at your best and saying things you don't mean.
Silver Bullet 3: Environment
This is the one that makes me feel most werewolf-ish.  My body is in tune to the weather (temperature and precipitation), just like someone with arthritis.  It is in tune to the slightest of changes, even if they are a week off!  Really; it's true! 
Changes in my physical environment can cause issues, too, both negative and positive.  If I'm around a mess that I don't have the strength to deal with, it is depressing and can amplify my pain or weakness by double or more.  If I'm in an clean environment, it makes me smile and can improve my ability to function up to 10 fold.  I know that sounds nuts, but it's true for me.
Silver Bullet 4: Physical Activity
This is the one I forgot about on Wednesday. It is the 4th Fibromyalgia trigger. Too much or the wrong type of physical activity can be debilitating, but too little can be just as bad. There is a balance, and each individual person needs to find their own "too much" and "too little" and "wrong" or "right" type and not feel they have to justify it.  Having to justify it can lead to a bad attitude, as well as feeling pain from over- or under-doing it, and that is just the sort of thing to make Fibrowolf howl.  Not fun. 
In essence: For those of you with Fibromyalgia, find your balance, and don't worry if people believe you or not; it is what it is.  For those of you who know someone with Fibromyalgia, believe them when they tell you they can or can't do something.  You may be surprised how little or how much they can do, but that's not your call.  Just love and support them; that's what they need most.
And now you know what a Fibrowolf is and what the silver bullets are to stop it from rearing it's ugly head.  I hope you have found my post (as silly as it may have been at times) informative and a little helpful. :)
Enjoy your holiday weekend (those of you in the USA), and remember to do what you can to keep that Fibrowolf at bay!

(This post was originally posted on my original site, Fibro, Fit and Fab!)

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