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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Monthly Milestones {11}

Today is my eleventh time running my monthly feature where I will be giving you updates on how I am doing physically, mentally, etc. and in which you can link up a post about some form of progress you are making, if you wish (see details below). I am enjoying this, and being publicly accountable (as hard as it is) will and is helping me out tremendously.  I hope you enjoy this link-up as well, will link up something inspiring and share it with others so that we can meet our goals together! :)

Here is how I am doing as of yesterday:

Me as of today, November 1, 1014, at 229.5 lbs.

  1. I've lost a little.  My weight has been kind of stair stepping down this month.  I'd lose about a quarter pound, gain half, lose 1 pound, gain half, etc.  I am glad that I ended up half pound lighter by the end of the month, and can hope that next month it is more than that. :)  I'll keep plugging away! :)
  2. I am still trying to walk daily, at least during the week days.  The weather is definitely colder and yuckier.  I normally get only the walks in that it takes to get my daughter too and from school, but sometimes I get more.  I'm hoping that my body will let me continue to walk because I miss it when I don't get them in.  We shall see!  If not, me thinks I need to try to get some time in with the Wii Fit. :)
  3. My system is still gaining sensitivities to certain foods.  Basically, I am finding that I have very little tolerance for foods on my "don't eat too much of this" list.  I am having more and more IBS-type symptoms when I do, and even experiencing more migraines (though I cannot 100% link the migraines to the foods vs. weather).  It has been interesting to say the least.  I guess I just better start being really good whether I want to or not! LOL :D
  4. I'm slowly starting some of the changes on my blogs, and not all of them for good reasons.  I'm still insanely busy and been dealing with some health issues that I will explain more in the next point, so I haven't gotten to any of the real fun changes that I have planned for here or on Natural and Free.  I have, however, found that some people have been taking my free Fibro and inspirational images and modifying them or changing the link to them so that I am not getting the traffic from them or the credit for them. People are even marketing them as their own work.  This means that I will be adding a watermark of sorts to them, that I've had to contact some sites about either removing my content or giving me credit, and a few other things. 

    Let me be clear: I want my images to be free to use for personal use, and I want you all to have easy access.  However, using my images without giving me credit, editing them without permission and calling them yours is STEALING.  Don't do it. 

    If you are a blog, business, etc. who wants to use one of my images, especially if you would like some changes made, contact me FIRST before using them.  I will be flattered you want to use them, though I do like to know which blogs, businesses, etc. want to use my images and have the right to say no for reasons of my own choosing.  Please respect that.  If you do not, I will ask that you remove the images, or I will contact who I have to to report the theft of my intellectual property, and no one wants that. :)

    If anyone (business, blog, person, or otherwise) wants to modify the images, email me, and I will modify them for you or discuss the terms of you modifying them.  I am more than happy to modify images according to my terms and open to suggestions about new ones.

    My images are not to be sold or used for profit without express permission from me.  If I have to, I will remove the images and make them "by request" only, but I don't want to have to do that.  Thank you all for understanding. :)
  5. I'm going through some medical testing right now.  About 3 weeks ago or so, I found a lump in my right breast.  I have also developed tenderness and some swelling in my left breast.  I had a mammogram on both breasts and ultrasound on the lump in the right breast on Thursday, October 30th, 2014, and hope to get the results from that some time next week.  Breast cancers, benign cysts, lumps, etc. run very high in my family, so neither I nor my doctor are taking this lightly.  I had a physical 3 1/2 months ago or so and felt no lump or tenderness then (and even as little as a month and a half ago I felt nothing either), so even if this is the "worst case", we feel like we've found it very quickly.  Of that I am grateful.  Prayers and thoughts appreciated as we wait on results and then decided on next steps.  Thank you!  I will keep you all posted.

That about sums it up for now.  How are you doing?  Are you reaching your goals?  Have you tried something new?  Come up with a new recipe?  I hope all is going well with you, and I hope you will link-up a post telling me all about it or even leave a comment sharing your thoughts.  As always, I wish you the best of luck in all you do, and hope you will return soon! :)

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(This post was originally posted on my original site, Fibro, Fit and Fab!)


  1. Oh, Julie! Please, please let us know about your tests. I am praying that all is well. Health scares like this are just awful. Praying with all of my might that you are okay. --Lisa

    1. Thanks, Lisa. The mammogram and ultrasound came back "normal", but I can still feel the lump, so she is referring me to a surgeon "just to be safe". Waiting for a call back to find out when I will be meeting with him and what the next steps will be. Either way, right now the results stand at BI-RADS 2, with a routine mammogram to be done again in a year. If the surgeon says biopsy or surgery, then that's what we'll do. The one I'm seeing is the one who my mom has seen and knows my family history well, so I trust him. If he says it's ok to "wait and see", that's what we'll do. Just gotta make double sure that things are truly "normal", ya know? :) I am encouraged that the mammogram and ultrasound were "normal", but that still is not a guarantee.

    2. I am so glad that the test came back "normal" and so SO glad that you are seeing a surgeon just to be safe. Double checking that another person thinks everything is okay is absolutely the way to go! The fact that it's a physician you know and trust makes it even better. Hope you don't have to wait to long for your appointment to see him! --Lisa

    3. Thanks, Lisa! I'm supposed to see him tomorrow, but might have to reschedule if we get this blizzard (Yah, in November! The weather thinks it's February, not November.) they are talking about. I plan on doing a post soon to give an update. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

  2. Just wanted you to know that I'm still praying for you and thinking of you! Hope you didn't have to reschedule your appointment due to the weather! --Lisa

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I'm planning on posting an update today. :) I was able to keep my appointment, and got (more or less) good news. :) Thanks for your thoughts and prayers! They mean so much!


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