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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back-To-School...Ready Or Not!

Look what came to my house last week:

I'll let you guess what was inside.

What do you think?

Mega amounts of chocolate?  Nope.

Tons of cookies?  Nope.

Good-for-you fruits and veggies?  Nope.

Care packages with miscellaneous odds and ends to make one feel special?  Nope.

Clothes?  Nope.

Toys?  Much to my kids' chagrin, no.

So, what was in the boxes?

Let's take a look and see, shall we?

What is that I see?




Yep, folks, that's right.  I got my first round of school supplies from my boys' new online school.

School doesn't start for a few weeks, but the supplies come now to make sure that you have everything and so you can get all your questions answered and set up the "classroom" space and all that.  I was surprised at the amount of stuff that came, but was thrilled to see that I could fit all the books, CDs, etc. (including my teacher's manuals - seen on the right on both shelves below) on 2 shelves, excluding some of the more awkward shaped and bulky gadgets and gizmos that came like gram cubes, magnifying glasses, sand (Yes, there was sand!).

That's a lot of books for 2 kids, huh?
Note the games.  Those weren't sent by the school; we had those already.
Can't be all work and no play, right? :D

I will readily admit that I am not ready for back-to-school.  Getting these boxes gave me a lot of instant nerves.  I had a lot of thoughts like this:

"I can't do this."

"Yes, you can.  You have a teaching degree!  It will be fine!"

"I know but..."

"No, buts.  You know what to do.  You'll do great!"

"I dunno...I'm terrified!"

Yes, even those with "experience" go through periods of self-doubt and give self pep talks.

In the end, though, excitement (mostly the boys) about this new venture won out.  Honestly, I am looking forward to the upcoming school year, so I won't let the fear and worry win.  I know it will be ok.  I have personal experience and I will have back-up via the online staff.  I know there will be days that won't go so well, but all in all, I'm as ready as I can be and finding that I feel more confident and positive about it all than the other way around.

So, I take a deep breath, do a little more research where I need to, make sure everything is set up where and how I want it and march on.  Why?  Because there is no other choice.  Ready or not, here school comes!  Wish me luck (and prayers welcome, too!)!


Are you ready for back-to-school?

Do you homeschool or do your kids go to school outside the home?

What is your best back-to-school advice?

What is your best advice to a first time homeschool mom?

(This post was originally posted on my original site, Fibro, Fit and Fab!)


  1. Oh, WOW!! That DOES look like a lot of books for two kids!! You guys are going to be great!! It makes me feel excited for you to see all the books.

    After this summer, I think we're all really ready for back to school. It's hard getting back into the routines, but once we are...ahhhhhh. Fantastic!! --Lisa

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I like routine, too. Helps me know what to expect! I think it will be amazing, too. Different, but amazing! :)

  2. I'd be overwhelmed looking at all of that, but I am sure once things get going you will be fine with it all! I do not home school, but I have plenty of friends who have. I think for us getting back into the routine of things is hard!

    1. Agreed! Starting up the routine feels like starting something brand new, even if you've done it before! This time it will be the first time, and I have a feeling that it will be the hardest. I have hopes that it will all work out, though. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Good luck! And wow, that does seem like a lot of books.

    My kids went back to school today. I was ready.

    1. Thank you! I think those are the books for the whole year mostly, and about 1/2 of those are my books to teach from! I didn't realize how many books teachers had until now, though you'd think I would have having student and sub taught! I guess I just didn't realize it until I saw them all together. Anyway, I think it will go well. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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